Aircraft Management

Corporate Jets are a specialized business tool-and by unlocking their inherent value, they can deliver to a business, success that requires specialist managers and personnel. Aircraft Management and Consultancy services is a core competitive advantage that LJA possesses. We offer the following services to our customers throughout the Asia Pacific region.

LJA can provide a full turnkey aircraft management service inclusive of:

  • Aircraft Selection and Acquisition
  • Pilot Recruitment and Mentoring
  • Supervision and Relief Crewing
  • Maintenance and Cost Control
  • Financing and Insurance Services
  • Aircraft to Business Integration
  • Full Financial and Budgetary Overseeing and Management

Aircraft Procurement and Brokerage

Our dealer network of brokers around the world offers an acquisition and brokerage service to source the best quality light jets in the world. With our in-depth market analysis, through pre-buy inspections and attention to aircraft quality and safety, we can source the best Light Jets for you or your business.

Aircraft Crewing and Pilot Mentoring

Besides our charter or turn key management services, LJA can provide you with permanent and/or relief crew if and when required and also pilot mentoring of newly endorsed Light Jet pilots. We know how to meet all the insurance and regulatory requirements imposed to fly a Light Jet single pilot. Our organization and pilots have completed many years of operating Light Jets in the Australian environment and understand the fundamentals of managing the issues involved with crews and pilots.

Helicopter Management Services

LJA also manages and crews helicopters for our Light Jet clients. The synergies and benefits that come from a Light Jet and Helicopter from LJA enhances the usefulness and efficiency of business aviation. LJA pilots are rated on both jets and helicopters and our management team have over 30 years’ experience operating helicopters.