[toggle title=”What will it cost me to hire a light jet?”]That depends on a number of variables ranging from the number of passengers, departure and arrival locations, however the price can be as low as $4 per km or approx. 70c per passenger per km.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Where can I travel?”]Anywhere in the Asia Pacific Region where there is an airstrip that we can land on. It also depends on the length of the runway and whether it is sealed. But LJA will be able to land and take off in over 90% of registered airfields in Australia subject to weight and weather conditions.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Do the Jets depart or land at any particular time?”]NO the beauty of a corporate jet is that you can decide the time for take-off and landing.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Do I need two pilots or can I just have one?”]The beauty of the CJ jet is that it can be flown single pilot so Yes you can have one pilot or we can provide two pilots for a small increase in price.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Does it cost me to have the jet stay at the destination for a few days?”]This depends, if you are a regular client or your length of the trip is substantial we can waive any standing charges that you may incur, however if your trip is small and you want the jet to stay at your destination you may be charged a standing charge.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Can LJA arrange transport for us once we arrive at our destination?”]Yes of course– we can provide you with a turnkey package with a whole range of transport solutions to suit your mission and budget.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”How many passengers can we take and how much luggage?”]The maximum we can accommodate in a CJ Citation is 8 passengers however through our affiliate jet providers we can arrange any number of passengers for you.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Do the Jets operate every day of the year and in what weather conditions?”]Yes we operate 24/7/365 days in all weather conditions.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Can we be assured of the utmost privacy when we travel with LJA?”]We take great pride in confidentiality and discretion. All our operations are done privately in a low key approach under the radar and out of public view.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”How do we pay for a LJA Jet?”]You can pay by bank transfer or we accept all major credit cards for payment.[/toggle]


[toggle title=”Will LJA source us a jet for our business?”]Yes that is exactly what we will do, our company will firstly analyze your businesses requirements and mission to evaluate what jet would best suit your situation. After which we can do all the desk top and pre buy inspections to make sure you buy the best value for money jets around the world.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Does LJA manage all the acquisition processes?”]LJA will arrange all the required permits to ferry the aircraft back into Australia and all registration processes to place the jet on the Australian Aircraft Register. As well as, we can in conjunction with your advisors handle all the sale documentation, finance and insurance requirements.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Once the jet is in Australia, will you help us integrate it into our business?”]A core skill of LJA is handling the integration of your jet into your business. We can recruit suitable pilots for you, train them to fly your jet and then set up all the supplier agreements to make sure your jet is managed safely and in compliance with all the regulations.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Will you continue to assist us with our jet?”]Sure we can provide an ongoing management agreement for a very small fee, as well as, we can provide you back up pilots when required.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”If we are not using our jet much, can you put it to work to offset our running costs?”]Chartering your jet out will allow owners to offset a percentage of their running costs, LJA holds an Air Operator Certificate with CASA and when you are not using your jet we can charter your jet out within our network and over the broader charter markets.[/toggle]


[toggle title=”Do the jets for sale include positioning to Australia and Australian Registration?”]The advertised prices can if required include delivery to Australia on the Australian Register with a current Certificate of Airworthiness.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Have the jets passed any pre-buys inspections?”]Of course–we put our name to every jet we sell so we make sure they are all of the highest standards. We undertake very detailed pre buy requirements by ourselves before we list the jets.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Can the sale price be incorporated with some management services when we take delivery of our jet?”]We are happy to include a management package to assist our clients in the early stages of ownership if they require. As well as, we can provide ongoing management and crewing if required.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Will LJA sell our aircraft?”]We are happy to include our client’s corporate jets in our list of aircrafts for sale and assist in selling them under a commission structure.[/toggle]